Local hospitality

Vietnam, end of December, with Leon and Diede.


We started our motorbike trip to the North of Vietnam on the 21st of December. The initial plan was to take a month and a half to arrive in Hanoi and give the motorbikes back to the renting shop (we didn’t plan the accident). On the road, we met the kindliest Vietnamese guy in the world !

We started from Ho-Chi-Min City, and after a short motorbike lesson offered by locals (Léon and Diede where newbies at driving motorbike by that time), we drove to the first city. That was a wobbly beginning, the traffic was crazy, wich was quite stressful. For my friends but for me too: I needed to keep and eye on them and lead at the same time. But everything went pretty smoothly (except maybe the few times when Léon stalled in the middle of the road, and randomly did an unexpected wheelie), and we arrived around 5 pm in a small village facing the main road. After a lunch, and a lot of effort to understand the Vietnamese signs, we found a small hostel for the night. After a well-deserved break, we went out for food, and ended-up in a restaurant where a family of Vietnamese were having a dinner. Instantly, the manager came to us and with a huge smile, started to talk with us. It’s not often that there are foreigners in his restaurant. We had a delicious meal, and they even offered us food for the road! His last advice was to stop in Bao-Loc, a city located 120 km from that place, for the waterfall.

The day after, we hitted our trip on the ground running : Leon had his first flat tyre, a great memory and one on the funniest story of my trip, featuring a barb-wire fence.



We fixed it for a few euros, and  finally arrived in Bao-loc. Our first stop was for… a restaurant (driving makes you hungry, don’t judge us). We barely understood what we could order there, so it was kind of a “surprise meal”. After a few minutes there, Thông, an English teacher, showed up. He just wanted to talk with us, because, as the previous place we stayed, there isn’t that much strangers coming in this town. He offered to take us to a hotel nearby and showing us the city. This hotel was way too expensive for us, so we had to refuse the offer. Without even thinking, Thông smiled and simply said, “Maybe you could sleep in my house? I’ll call my wife and we can host you for free! ” So that’s how we ended up in Thông’s house, pretty big. We had a nice and comfortable place to stay, and Diede even had a private room! We went to that amazing waterfall, a couple of kilometers away, then went back during one of Thông’s English classes that we happily joined. We had a dinner together, with his wife, a tour around the city, then we talked a lot about our lives, or the differences from France, Holland and Vietnam. That was a realy interesting conversation, but the day had been really exhausting, so we went to bed pretty early.

We woke up early in the morning to have one last conversation with our friends, and, of course, one of those delicious Vietnamese coffee. We had an amazing time with Thông and his wife, and I’m still thankful for what they did for us. This was the first proof that Vietnamese people are the most amazing people in the world.

Thanks again, Thông!


Bao-loc Waterfal, and a break on the road (please, have a closer look to Léon’s head).   



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